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    KJ-6012A oven type tape retention testing machine
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    A type of oven, tape retention testing machine:
    Oven type tape to keep force test machine widely used in adhesive tape, protective film, adhesive sticker, foam, adhesive, etc. product industry for at a certain temperature adhesive tape to tack test. Oven type tape to keep force tester must set the temperature according to the provisions of the paste method on the test plate adhesive with ability to resist displacement along the length direction of the provisions under the action of gravity, with the test piece moves a certain distance (or completely out of) the time within a certain period of time, movement distance (or completely detached) to represent the adhesive tape to viscous.
    Two, the oven type tape retention test machine reference standard: GB/T4851, CNS-1188711888, PSTC-7
    Three, keep the oven type tape specifications force test machine:
    Within the range of room temperature ~200 C
    Control mode: microcomputer automatic temperature control algorithm P.L.D.
    The temperature of 0.1 DEG C: analytical display unit.
    Control precision: - 0.3 DEG C.
    Distribution accuracy: + 1% (200 c).
    Accessories: 1kg, 10 sets of weights.
    Timer: electronic liquid crystal display, automatic retention time (99999.9 hours or minutes can be set)
    Electric control: all specimens fall, the buzzer (with switch), and automatic heat
    Manufacturing material: SUS#304 stainless steel plate, internal external coating: paint.
    Size: 80kg weight 1400 * 550 * 850 mm
    Power source: 1 o, AC 220V/50Hz
    Four, keep the oven type tape operation method testing machine:
    1, the test machine in solid state machine to maintain the level of the desktop.
    2, press the timer key to make it return to zero RESET.
    3, the required test tape for a certain length, in the attached test piece, the test piece made of #304 mirror steel plate, steel plates then cleaning agents cleaning net. The use of KJ-6020/6021 rolling wheel rolling, the uniform tape adhesion to the test pieces (1 "x 1"), the ten groups of test piece preparation.
    4, good adhesive tape adhesive sheet 10 groups (attached placed 20min), are hung on the hook on the test machine.
    5, weight 10 were hanging on test pieces under the tape connecting piece, in hanging a timer switch automatically start time, the timer power independence.
    6, setting: over temperature protection is generally greater than the test temperature of 20 degrees.
    7, set the temperature: (can be arranged according to the customer request).
    Note: the machine is the highest temperature is 150 degrees, please use within the test temperature range of machines, when after the tape off automatically to stop the clock and retain has test time, read tape to maintain adhesion time or downward displacement.
    9, before each test, be sure to pay attention to the timer to zero.
    Five, the oven type tape retention test machine operation precautions:
    1, the machine level should be maintained and stable.
    2, test and test of the steel plate after cleaning.
    3, in tape test piece should be smooth and uniform, so as not to affect the test precision.
    4, after fitting placed 20min in testing (or according to customer requirements test).
    5, please operated by professional staff, to avoid improper use.
    Six, the oven type tape retention testing machine maintenance:
    1, please clean cotton cloth to wipe maintenance, such as residue in the plate please rinse with alcohol and wipe clean.
    2, after use should be clean and maintenance.